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About Us

About Vapir:

In 1997 Advanced Inhalation Revolution (AIR-2) was established to create the ultimate vaporizer, an aromatherapy device that would help people quit smoking by using vaporization technique as opposed to combustion.

By Nov of 2006, Vapir, Inc., became incorporated in California.

What We Do:

Vapir, Inc. specializes in the revolutionary technology of DIGITAL AROMATHERAPY. Digital Aromatherapy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance and harmonize while freshening the environment with pleasant and distinctive fragrances.

What We Create:

At Vapir, Inc., we invent, develop and produce revolutionary, state-of-the-art and easy to use digital aromatherapy devices.

Utilizing heat and convection air, Vapir aromatherapy devices extract natural essences and produce fresh fragrances for stale environments while creating a soothing atmosphere.

Patents, Trademarks & Intellectual Property:

Patent Numbers:
6,095,153 Vaporization of volatile materials
D489,448 Vaporization Apparatus
6,772,756 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
6,990,978 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
Trademark Numbers:
78,024,693 Vapormed®
2,805,681 Vapormed®
2,965,549 ®
2,855,556 Digital Air®
2,801,471 Nicohale®
2,775,600 Nicohale®
2,788,063 Vapir®


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**Additional patents and trademarks are pending. Check back for frequent updates on the intellectual property of Vapir, Inc.