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WOW! this unit is AMAZING!
you can easily fill up the bags and keep them for several hours to have fresh vape while you can use a whip individually or with 3 others! that’s cool…
heats up very fast/quiet; beautiful desk top stuff… I put it on my desk and enjoy looking/using it!


We have had this unit for almost two weeks and we love it! Quiet but moves alot of air, the bag fills quickly and when using the tube it fills us quickly LOL. Heats up quick and keeps it regulated very well. The large chamber keeps it going along time with out having to stop to refill, but usually only one is needed. We have recommended this to a few other people already.

-Garry Ross

I bought a vapirise about a month ago, since then I have not used any of my other 4 vaporizers,
the vapor is much tastier than all my other vaporizers including volcano.I love the filter, it makes it much more smoother vapor.
Thank you for this great product!






Vapir’s products are excellent. Combine that with great customer service (I experienced a couple of problems and the reps I dealt with were very helpful) and you have a company that will continue to get my business and referrals. Nice job Vapir!

Converted a 20yr smoker to the Vapir NO2. He was amazed and bought mine on the spot! So I just put my order in for a new one. You guys make a Hell of a product and for that and the excellent customer service…thank you!

-Nick D.

I have had my NO2 for nearly 2 years now, and can say it has always performed flawlessly. Used nearly every day. Very reliable at all altitudes, for those of us who live & travel in the mountains this is very important. The NO2 is definately the “Sherman Tank” of portable, personal vaporizers. The original battery still holds a charge and works fine. This one works when the butane units are still looking for oxygen light!





Oxygen Mini

Thanks for the great service! There is a real buzz between my friends and I about the arrival of this little wonder. I looked hard and I am sure I got the best vaporizer and to think I almost bought a volcano!

All the best and thanks again!

New York, New York

So far, easily the best vaporizer I have seen or used.

Washington State

The following statements are in regards to my new Oxygen Mini Vaporizer from Vapir that I received on May 1st, 2007.

Wow! This thing is amazing! I love it, I love it, I love it! Your new oxygen mini vaporizer has got to be one of the hottest products in the world. I am very impressed at how easy it is to operate, and how well it works! So fast! So precise! So clean! So wonderful! I am so happy with the results; it is perfect.

I am 100% satisfied and would make the purchase again without hesitation. My only complaint is that I did not find out sooner what a difference vaporizing makes. This affordable, compact unit is worth its weight in gold and definitely worth every penny of the purchase price.

I could not be happier and thank you for such fabulous service after the sale. My list of questions and concerns were answered promptly and you told me exactly what I needed to know to achieve the best results. You are a great company, with great employees, and fantastic products.

Thanks again Vapir!

Sincerest regards,

-Tyler Mitchell
Des Moines, Iowa





I’ve owned a Vapir One Digital Air for about 5 years now. It is without a doubt, the best vaporizer on the market. I was skeptical to purchase it because at the time I was 18 and this purchase meant bankrupcy for me.

-Jacob B.

Thanks for the quick response.

I am thoroughly impressed by the great customer service I am receiving from your company. I have sort of been an unofficial spokesperson for your products for over a year. Ever since I began using the Vapir One, I have been spreading the news of this revolutionary technology. I hope
that you all are very proud of what you do, because you’re literally saving lives.


Whoa my goodness this does the trick! This is fantastic.

I have smoked for three years now – and I am a brass musician.

From the smoke (everyday, I am afraid) – I have noticed a big difference in how my lungs react to breathing deep.

I am SO excited to switch from the harmful smoke, to this harmless device.

In my opinion you guys are doing the world an incredible gift. This is revolutionary…

Thanks so much!!!

-Travis Scott