PRIMA: Best Vaporizer of 2015

Vapir has just announced the release of their latest portable unit- the Vapir Prima Vaporizer. The Vapir Prima is set to be available for customers on September 2015 and is already making headlines news at CNN Money and Nasdaq Globe Newswire, as being one of the most anticipated vaporizers releases of this year. Vapir is making history by being the first Vaporizer manufacturer that went public and is traded in the stock market. Vapir has already released incredible units such as the No2 and the Vapir Rise that customers are reporting years of joyful use. In fact, Vapir’s No2 was the first portable unit on the market and is known to be used by celebrities such as Joe Rogan and Willie Nelson.

The Vapir Prima has a ergonomic design, and feels well balanced and natural while holding. The vapor pathway is made of stainless steel, and is detachable from the body for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The stainless steel pathway sits between the chamber and the mouthpiece and is doing a good job in cooling down the vapor while taking a draw.

Overall the quality and feel of the Vapir Prima is luxurious and elegant. It is clear that high-quality parts and incredible engineering went into this producing this vape, and it is protected by Vapir’s warranty for 5 years on the unit, and 2 years on the battery.

Vapir Prima Vapor Quality:

Vapir’s Rise V2 is known to have one of the best tasting Vapor flavor in desktop units, and going into the first session I had high expectations from the Prima. Looks and design is important but if the Vapor quality is not there, you end up not using the Vaporizer as much as you intended, and revert to other ways (burning!) of consuming your herb/ wax. So Vapor quality is important, and we expect to be impressed, now let’s vape..

So, right from the first session a few things emerge-

The Vapir Prima’s vapor quality is exceptional. The Vapor is aromatic and flavorful. It is warm and consistently good, and it is clear that Vapir did not compromise performance over looks. The Vapor quality compares to the top units in the class such as the Firefly and the Crafty. With that said, the amount of visible vapor was not as high as I expected. This does not bother me personally as it makes the unit even more discreet and as long as I keep getting the desired effects from the Prima, I do not care how much visible vapor actually comes out. Again, as for the quality, very tasteful and warm, smooth aroma with every draw throughout the session.


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