VapirRise: "the best desktop vaporizer in the marketplace"

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“Vaping” allows users to enjoy a potent hit without the toxicity of smoke and irritation to the lungs that accompanies a hit off a joint. A patient we know recently purchased the Vapir Rise from the Vapir Company after his naturopath suggested using a vaporizer.

He researched his options. He wanted a desktop unit, so that ruled out portable ones, but the sticker shock of $600 German units kept him looking. After reading tons of reviews, he settled upon the Vapir Rise and ordered. His review: “The quick-start instructions got it working fast. It gets fully heated and creates vapor in about a minute. Plus, you have the option of using a balloon or vaporizing through direct inhalation. Both work great, but I prefer the balloon. I like seeing the balloon fill up with the vapor and it’s a great way to share with a friend. And if you have three friends plus yourself, four can enjoy the unit simultaneously via a four-whip unit that fits over the top of the Vapir Rise. I would have to say the Vapir Rise is the best desktop vaporizer in the marketplace.

Its HEPA filter guarantees that the air in the balloon is free of contaminants like dust, pet dander, or other toxins that may be present. For patients on a budget, the Vapir Rise is a great value.

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