NO2: Is The NO2 Vape A Winner?

The Vapir NO2 is a portable vaporizer that I’ve been getting quite a few requests to check out lately. The vape is made by a company called Vapir and it’s easily one of the more affordable options out there when in comes toportable vaporizers with a price tag of around $150 which is a lot lower than many of the portables that I’ve been reviewing lately that often cost around double the price of the Vapir or more.

But is this device actually worth getting? And what’s the vape quality like? And does serve as a good and more affordable alternative to some of the higher priced portables that are on the market?

All will be revealed in today’s Vapir NO2 review!

First Impressions

Instructions which are colourful, well written and and easy to understand which is nice to see because sometimes the instructions that come with some of these lower priced vapes can be pretty appauling but this is not the case with the Vapir No2.

We’ve also got ourselves a charger, a battery, a cleaning brush, a few spare bits and pieces and of course the vapirizor itself which is made up of five different parts.

We’ve got the main unit itself. Then we’ve got the battery that we throw into the bottom like so. We’ve got a mouth piece which we attach to the bottom, a straw that’s then attached to the mouth piece and then finally a mouth piece tip that we add to the end of the straw.

And once it’s all set up and rocking it looks actually very much like a drink bottle with a straw coming out of the top. It fits really well in your hands too and it’s surprisingly light as well. The action of picking it up and taking a hit feels extremely natural.

However you will notice that it is quite a bit larger than some of the other portables that I’ve reviewed to date and it’s definitely not the kind of portable that you can fit in your pocket. It’s more the sort of portable that I think you need to keep in a backpack or glove compartment or to simply use at home as a hands free.

Using The Vapir NO2

I know some of the more experienced vapers and connoisseurs may be a little disappointed that the device is made out of plastic since you would get a better taste off of glass for example but that being said the quality is still actually really good.

What’s also nice about the device that I’ve found is that is pretty damage resistant too. I managed to drop mine a couple of times due to being a dumbass and barely even got a scratch on it so I guess one of the nice advantages to not having any glass parts or anything is that it’s pretty damn tough.

I did find however that the battery life was a bit shorter than I’d have liked. It’s not terrible or anything giving me about an hour of vaping time but considering the size of this thing I was hoping for a bit of a longer battery life. When you look at the Pax for example which is MUCH smaller than the Vapir NO2 even that one has a one hour battery life so I would have thought that something this size would last a bit longer.

At least however the battery is removable though meaning you can buy multiple and rotate between them and what’s also nice is that you can charge this one and use it at the same time.

Another thing I also appreciate about the Vapir No2 is it’s simplicity too. I really do love vaporizers that are just easy to use and that simply work and and work every time and the Vapir NO2 is very much one of those vapes and with just a few parts and buttons it is a synch to use and vape from making it particularly suitable for newbie vapers too.

Final Verdict

This isn’t the rolls Royce of vaporizers or anything like that. But it’s not trying to be either.

It’s just a good old, well constructed handheld vaporizer that both performs well consistently and is priced VERY reasonably.

And I think that this vape is particularly suited for the following two groups of people.

The first is beginner vapors. If you’re intimidated by some of the more complicated and expensive vaporizers out there and are looking for something that’s really easy to use but that still provides a really good vape then the Vapir NO2 is an awesome way to go.

And the second group of people is the budget conscious people that are looking for low cost vaporizer that doesn’t suck. There are definitely some other vaporizers in the same price range as the NO2 that really, really suck. But the Vapir NO2 is not one of those devices. It works well, it gives off great hits and it’s definitely no gimmick or cash grab or anything like that.

And so for all of these reasons I’m ultimately going to give the Vapir NO2 a rock solid rating of 8/10.

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