PRIMA: "It is amazing.." -Paint The Moon

Paint The Moon's 2015 Portable Vaporizer Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Yeah, that’s right, Vapir made a new portable, and it is amazing.

To be totally honest, this thing blew me away. The build quality and the vape experience are up there with the best portables on the market.

The Prima feels great in the hand, is super easy to use, and has pretty good battery life (after the first few charges).

The Prima has 4 temp settings, ranging from 350°F-400°F. This may seem like a small range, but it really let’s you dial in your vape experience.

Also, while after a few charges the battery life is great, it takes a few cycles until the battery life get’s to that point. So keep that in mind if you get this unit, and don’t worry if your first few uses seem a little short on battery life – it will get better.

Who should buy the Prima?

So, why should you get this vape? It’s a bit on the big side, but it has good capacity (up to 0.5g), and it has a really sturdy body.

Also, the vapor quality is pretty good as well.

If you’re looking for a vape that is kind of the middle ground of portables (and by that I mean it is right in the mid-range in terms of size, capacity, and battery life), yet still produces good vapor, the Prima is perfect for you.

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