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Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2016):
I have been using the Vapir product line for several years now. I am currently an advocate of the PRIMA system, I have consulted a biologic scientist as well as my Nuephrologist (Kidney Specialist) on the use of vaporizors for my condition(s). The information that I recieved was that Vapir has combined a rapid heat source within a controlled chamber. This rapid heating has the ability to destroy any foriegn microbiologic substance as well as fungus and or molds. This is an important quality for any individual who has a comprimised immune system, Microbiologic impurities and fungus if ingested can cause severe illness including death. The use of a Vaporizor also allows those who have undergone body cavity surgeries which can diminish the patients ability to inhale deeply. I also consulted with my Glaucoma specialist and been given the "OK" for use of a Vapir Vaporizor as it tends to negate the deep coughing that occures with other forms of ingestion. Severe coughing episodes have a tendency to create the blood vessels in the Eye to rupture and cause further damage. I as a patient applaud Vapir inc. in their continued pursuit of perfection with all of it's products.
Thank you,
Ed Ortega