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Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2019):
The year was 2014, midsummer. I had been smoking for about five months and was burning all of my cash to keep up with it, so I did a little reading. "Vaping is more efficient" "Halve your consumption" "Reusable end results" etc. I decided to buy an No2 based solely on its availability and decent reviews. Within a week it was in my hands, and you know what? I didn't think it worked, tossed it in my closet and only pulled it out as a novelty once in awhile. Every now and then I'd go back to it and feel that it just didn't get the job done.. That is, until I took a t-break.

That's when everything changed. Suddenly, my No2 could last an entire day on one pack, a few puffs full of flavor and accompanied by the thickest clouds I've ever seen from a vape. It became my main device, seeing daily use, and made the transition from house to apartment far smoother than it would have been otherwise. The unit produces almost no smell (especially compared to the Pax 2), has a small enough oven to prevent massive tolerance spikes, and vaporizes more efficiently than the price would suggest. It's easy to clean, easy to use, and the precise temperature controls mean that everybody can find their sweet spot.

As far as the unit itself goes, I never had a single issue with it. Being able to charge and use at the same time is a major plus, and the No2 is solid and built to last. Sadly, I let my cousin borrow it the summer before college and he decided he liked it so much he'd take it with him. I bought a pax as a replacement, but it just isn't the same. I've tried pens, carts, and a few of my friend's vapes, but none of them compare to the No2. It's a shame this unit is no longer being produced, I loved mine, and would have bought another in a heartbeat had they been available. Now it's just a happy memory, one that I want to share my experience with. Notty, I miss you.