PRIMA: "The sexiest portable vape on the market!"

Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review

In September of 2015  Vapir, world renowned vaporizer manufacturer, Exploded onto the scene with the release of their latest portable vaporizer; The Vapir Prima. From its sleek brushed aluminum body to the simple stainless steel vapor path I’ve gotta say it, this is one of the sexiest herbal vaporizers to hit the market. Vapir stands behind the Prima with a 5 year warranty promising an herbal vaporizer that is going to stay with you for the long haul. Read below for a detailed look into what makes the Prima tick and what sets it apart from other portable vaporizers on the market today.

Sleek and Rugged Design

The body of the Vapir Prima is made of brushed aluminum and is available in: Black, orange, blue and silver). The Smooth surface feels great in your hand and included silicon base sleeve not only protects the unit from falls, but keeps you from touching the warm surface over the bowl area directly. The Prima has a removable rechargeable battery making charging easy. The Stainless steel vapor path allows for a tasty clean vapor and is also removable making cleaning it a breeze.


The Prima Kit includes:

2 x Screens
2 x Wax Pads
1 x Filling Scoop
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Plug Brush
1 x Silicone Cap Sleeve
1 x Charging Base
1 x Charging Cord
1 x Power Supply


Temperature Settings

Prima Temp Range – 176° C – 204° C

The Prima features four preset temperatures that can easily be selected via one-button operation.

Choose from any of the following temperatures:

Level 1: 176°C ~ 182°C
Level 2: 185°C ~ 190°C
Level 3: 193°C ~ 198°C
Level 4: 198°C ~ 205°C


Battery Capacity

 Lithium Ion. 3200mAh

 The Prima’s removable 3200 mAh li-ion battery packs enough power for multiple seasons, and also eliminates long heat up times; the maximum temperature of the Prima is reached in just 45 seconds.


Heat-up time: 0-1 min
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Compatibility: Herbs and oils
Delivery method: Direct draw
Automatic switch-off: Yes

Multi-Use Supports Oils and Herbal material.

The mesh screen designed for the Prima’s vapor chamber makes the prima perfect for herbal material as well as resins, waxes and oils. To use the unit for herbal materials you grind up your material very fine and pack in semi-tight.  press and hold power button to activate the Prima and press the power button an additional 1 to 4 times to choose your power level. The First few pulls you take will be very light vapor as the material reaches optimal temp. After a few pulls from the Prima, I like to take the end cap off and press the material back down compact with the packing tool that comes with the prima. To use the unit with oils, you can plase the resin or drip the oil into the metal mesh at the bottom of the chamber. When vaping oils it is recommended to use a higher setting than with herbal materials to allow for maximum temperatures.

Take full advantage of vaporizer technology today with the Prima from Vapir. This vaporizer stands up to all of our expectations. Vapir has warrantied each of its units for 5 years, making sure that the Vapir will suit all of your vaporizer needs for years to come. This is now my favorite preset temp portable vaporizer on the market. The Vapir Prima portable herbal vaporizer has hit the ground running and just in time to join the ranks with the top vaporizers of 2016!

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