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Why the Vapir™ is Better

VAPIR™ Digital Vaporizers produce a flavor and effect that is much cleaner and purer than most other vaporizers. Once you master the proper use of your unit, learn the nuances of its temperature control and discover what types of plant materials work best, you’ll find that other devices simply cannot compare to VAPIR™ Digital Vaporizers.

VAPIR™ Digital Vaporizers use a process known as convection, whereby hot air moves through a bed of ground up plant material releasing the essence and flavor in a vapor form.

When set properly, VAPIR™ Digital Vaporizers do not combust your plant material which eliminate many tars, toxins and carcinogens. This is evidenced by the appearance of the used material because after vaporizing, your herbs will only be slightly discolored, not black or ash. When you inhale the flavor of herbal vaporization with a VAPIR™ digital vaporizer, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the results.

Those who’ve mastered their VAPIR™ digital vaporizer wonder how they ever got by without it!

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