PRIMA: 90% Overall Score

Today, we want to take a look at a new portable vaporizer that is just about to be released onto the market this September 2015. The Prima is the newest portable vaporizer made by a tried and true vaporizer manufacturer, Vapir. They hope to recapture the portable vaporizer market from their N02 glory days and remain one of the leading manufacturers with the Prima. So, let’s take a real in-depth look at the new Prima vaporizer to see if it stands up against competing units in its price range.

Build Quality

The Prima is ergonomically designed and offers great functionality in it’s simple but durable design. Its body is brushed aluminum and the whole unit feels extremely sturdy. Although the mouthpiece is plastic, it is very high quality, pulls off for easy cleaning and does not impact vapor flavor at all. The seams between the mouthpiece, body, battery, and buttons are also flush and tight, sealing in odor; a feature that confirms Vapir’s attention to detail manufacturing quality. The unit also has a unique heating chamber design; vapor flows in through the cap, screen and small silicone path before making its way through the stainless steel vapor tube which cools the vapor, making it even more enjoyable. This vapor pathway is also easily removed, which makes it easy to clean and maintain for user friendliness. The one downside to the Prima’s design lies in the heating chamber’s poor insulation. The Prima can get very, very hot and it’s pretty much the only major improvement we would suggest Vapir look into fixing. But for now, they compensate for this by including a custom silicone sleeve that fits over the cap to protect your hands from the heat. The Prima is also backed by Vapir’s 5 year warranty which includes a 2 year battery warranty. Overall, we think this unit is solid, made with high quality components and we would have no worries about breaking it or it falling apart on us. A+ Vapir!

Vapor Quality

No matter how beautiful a portable unit is, if it doesn’t provide good vapor then you might as well turn to a less attractive unit that gets the job done. With the Prima we were confident that this would have a nice tasting vapor and we weren’t disappointed; it’s extreamly flavourful and pure. There was obviously some concern that the low temperature ranges would affect the vapor quality, but after many rounds of testing, we can confirm the Prim’as vapor is astounding, although the temperature ranges do limit you to mostly wispy draws which are still very tasty and satisfying. The temperature settings you can choose from are: Level 1 with a temperature range of 350° F – 360° F ( 176° C – 182° C ) , Level 2 with a range from about 365° F – 375° F ( 185° C – 190.56° C ), Level 3 which is 380° F – 390° F ( 193.33° C – 198.89° C ) and their highest heat setting, Level 4 which has a range of about 390° F – 400° F ( 198.89° C – 204.44° C ). I myself settled in on level 3 and was very satisfied. The Prima’s excellent air flow, which contributes to its great vapor quality, comes from the vents in the chamber cap. Air flows through the cap, in and around the heating chamber and into the vapor pathway. The vapor’s nice long travel distance, coupled with its stainless steel pathway gives you that nice cool vapor we all like.

Look and Feel

The look of this unit is minimalistic, ergonomic, sleek and elegant which fits easily into your palm. The Prima runs along the lines of a sportier looking portable vaporizer and has similar aspects to other Vapir products, but with a more modern feel. It has a nice smooth feel from its sleek brushed aluminum body and this makes it look like a very high quality, sturdy and stylish unit. This is definitely a unit we would show off to friends not only for its performance but for its impressive appearance.


If you are a connoisseur, you will probably identify the Prima as a vaporizer, especially because you draw from it horizontally. But because it is so sleek and small, it can easily be concealed in your hand, covering all LED’s, and thus, used discreetly. It is also compact enough to fit within most pockets or in any type of purse to offer that discreetness you need when travelling with your unit and tucking it away quickly when vaping in public. Also, the Prima is very low odor because of its wispy draws which quickly disappear post-exhale. There is also no vapor leakage from the unit’s seams and so vaping indoors covertly is pretty easy.

Ease of Use

The Prima ‘s functionality is super simple because it only has one button. At first, we found it a bit confusing to figure out how many times to press the button for each function, however the user’s manual cleared it right up. To turn the unit on, just press the button for a few seconds and to change the temperature settings press the button a certain number of times according to what heat setting you want to get to ( 1 press for level 1, 2 presses for level 2 ect. ). The LED lights are intuitive to follow too and indicate things like your chosen temperature settings, battery life and when the unit is fully heated (when the lights turn green). The Prima has an auto-shut off of 5 minutes but you can extend this by an extra 2 minutes just by holding the button for a couple seconds mid-session, which is very convenient. The unit is also extremely easy to take apart and clean, from the mouthpiece, to the heating chamber and removable vapor pathway – you can make the Prima spic and span with minimal effort. Probably our other favorite Prima feature, which makes the unit so damn simple, is its unique battery which easily slides in and out to charge and swap. You can pre-charge extra batteries and just replace them in literally 2 seconds when you need.


The Prima is a great example of a quality portable vaporizer you can really take anywhere on the go. Vapir’s first portable, the N02 was very large, and compared to other units on the market now a days, could be argued too big to comfortably be a portable. So Vapir really stepped it up here, making the Prima’s compact shape and curved edge design, easy to transport. The unit is durable enough to be thrown in a pocket or bag and because all its parts are tight fitting, you can effortlessly pre-load the Prima, take it with you and whip it out when you need. If you are going out with the Prima for a while and are worried it’s 50-70 minute battery life (depending on your heat setting) just isn’t enough, you can also tote along an extra, durable, pre-charged battery to swap out when you need.


The Prima’s design is sleek, effortlessly functional and modern looking while pumping out draws any connoisseur would argue to be up there alongside other premium units like the Crafty or Mighty. The Prima is small enough to fit in any discreet pocket or storage area and we’re pleased to say this will be a unit we will continue to keep on our roster of ‘daily-use’ vaporizers for quite some time. So, if you are looking for a good vaporizer from a company that pays attention to quality, durability, easy cleaning and charging, then this is the product you want.

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