VapirRise: Top 10 Herbal Vaporizers

Let’s take a quick run through this year’s vaporizer retail line-up leaders, in no specific order, and run the gamut from handheld to just-right-for-your-coffee-table-sized. With this being a New Year, there are sure to be new contenders this year, so I will be doing a new list later on in a few months.

First up, the Vapir brand Rise. Now this vape happens to be one of my most favorite, and yes, that’s mainly because of the stylish and attractive design and controls. The Rise hangs easily with the industry’s most powerful table-top vapes. A sleek touch-screen like operation sets off a premium quality user experience. From start to finish, the Rise performs. And with a multi-hose feature, you’ll definitely find yourself doing something other than filling balloons.

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