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Trendy, Modern, and Stylish, what more could you possibly need? Introducing our new Vapir Pen, designed to be your luxury accessory on the go that may be used with both concentrate and wax substances. Including a USB charging Port directly on the unit and an ergonomic mouthpiece. The Vapir Pen is now available with two different atomizers, a temperature controlled battery, and a full year warranty (battery). The battery is compatible with 510 Cartridges. Vapir strives to achieve the upmost comfort and user-friendly devices for its customers. Vapir Pen offers a portable, luxury and discreet vaping experience, whenever and wherever you want.
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Described as one of the finest quality vaporizers on the market, the Prima is definitely a must-have if you are aiming to enjoy an incredible vapor quality no matter where you are. It is 4.5 inches long featuring a removable mouthpiece, with a heating chamber on the end that is perfect for oil extracts and dry herbs. This portable vaporizer can achieve all of your needs.

  • Avaliable in 4 colors
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The stylish and innovative Air2 vaporizer battery features a convenient flip functionality which makes it very discreet for use anywhere. With 3 temperature settings, the Air2 allows anyone to find the perfect temperature to enjoy their 510 thread cartridges. Available in 420 mAh and 650 mAh.
$29.99 (Mini) / $39.99 (Max)
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Looking for a reliable and durable desktop vaporizer? You have come to the right place. The new and improved VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate is Vapir’s desktop solution for vaporizing. Specifically designed for essential oils and loose-leaf herbs, the VapirRise 2.0 vaporizer can bring out all the goodness from your herbs through a direct inhalation tube. This extreme vaporizer and thing of beauty also features balloon bags and whip-based vaporizing.

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Vapir NO2.V2 is known as the ‘Go To’ vaporizer simply because this herbal vaporizer can be used on all occasions. Whether you are solo gaming, watching your favorite TV show at home, or enjoying a day with friends at the beach, the NO2.V2 is right there with you making it one of the best vapes.

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Oxygen Mini

Every vaporizer needs to produce clouds – not a mere mist! The Vapir Oxygen Mini lets you live and breathe premium vapor. We call it the oxygen because it will become a necessary part to your everyday life. Trust us – this herbal vaporizer harnesses premium materials and innovative design to deliver everything you’d expect from a premium vaporizer. It features digital controls and consistent vapor sessions with little maintenance.

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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device which is used to vaporize active ingredients of plant material such as tobacco, or other herbs. Its construction is fairly simple: a chamber, which can be heated, and a pipe to inhale the vaporized product. Since there is no combustion occurring the efficiency is improved in the extraction process. This reduces the harmful effects of direct smoking. The temperature is important in the vaporizing process as too high of a temperature will result in the loss of the active ingredients. There are various forms of vaporizers available. Most are battery powered for portability and ease of use. Vaporizers are generally used as a substitute for cigarettes or other types of smoking. One of the primary reasons why people choose a vaporizer, as opposed to traditional modes of smoking, is that vapor appears to be safer. There are not the noxious fumes that cigarettes may produce and the many carcinogens that are in cigarettes. Though long term studies have yet to be performed, there is widespread thoughts that the effects on the lungs may be limited and less than smoking tobacco. Vaporizers are also used, by many, as a method of quitting traditional cigarettes.